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We´ve all been there: in winter, a long hack or a light training session in an indoor arena that´s a few degrees warmer than outdoors, as well as a horse that´s not clipped, can make you both work up a sweat. We riders can remove our jackets and, once home, slip into warm, dry clothes and relax on the sofa. However, our horses can´t swap out their sweaty coats for dry ones.

That´s why it´s important that you cool down your horse for as long as possible after a ride and use a cooler rug to ensure that your horse is thoroughly dried off before you leave the arena or put on its turnout or stable rug. Putting on a turnout or stable rug too soon causes many horses to continue to sweat, because their body temperature is still high from exercising. And who likes wearing sweaty things? Nobody wants that for their horse. Moreover, it can be unhealthy for a sweaty horse to stand outside in a turnout rug in cold, windy weather. Such conditions can lead to colds and tight muscles!

Our horses are happiest when they can relax and play a bit in the paddock or pasture after work. To prevent overheating, continued perspiration and freezing in the time in between, we use a rug that provides optimum protection in changeable weather. A rug that is especially breathable and not prone to overheating in direct sunlight while it protects the sensitive back muscles from the elements. The 3D AIR RAIN meets all these demands. This 3D AidDry mesh rug has a back area that is enhanced with rainproof and resilient 840D polyester. Its ice blue colour reflects sunlight and reduces sunlight absorption. This is practical for those times when the sun is not yet strong but still warming despite low temperatures, when it can get sticky and hot underneath a rug.

A clever multifunction rug. Now available through our sales partners in stores or online!

the BUSSE Team


Sweating is a normal part of physical activity.


With their thick winter coats, horses can get sweaty quickly and need longer times to cool down completely.


Relaxed paces will let the horse dry off and bring breathing and pulse back down.


Help your horse dry off thoroughly with a cooler rug.


Then he can relax at pasture or in the paddock with the 3D AIR RAIN without the threat of health risks from staying sweaty.