BUSSE Reitsport

Proper care for your horse rug

All BUSSE rugs are easy to care for and can be washed at 30°C in the washing machine. We recommend that you use a special laundry detergent for horse rugs. Such products clean effectively without damaging the rug's fibre structure.

They also contain no bleach or other substances that can irritate the horse's skin when in contact with the rug.

If you don't use special detergent for horse rugs, make sure to check whether your rug is an outdoor rug that is waterproof with breathability properties; these rugs must be washed with special liquid detergents made for washing functional materials and apparel.

Important tips:

  • Preparation:
  • Wash cycle:
  • Detergent:
  • Waterproof coating:
  • Drying:

To protect your washing machine:

Your washing machine's drum must be large enough to accommodate a rug of this size and weight. Overloading your machine poses a risk of it being damaged or walking. Some machines will shut off for safety reasons, even in the middle of a wash or spin cycle, before they can be damaged from imbalanced loads. You must then manually correct the load, which is not easy when this consists of one large, wet, dirty horse blanket.

If your machine is not large enough to safely accommodate the rug, take it to a professional service that specialises in cleaning horse rugs. Make sure that the rug is professionally washed and not dry cleaned!

Keep in mind that your horse may be wearing this rug day and night, depending on the season. Avoid chemical residues at all costs.


Practical tip for washing at home:

Use flexible rug systems! These provide your horse with maximum comfort in a variety of weather conditions and allow multi-component items to be separated and washed separately in smaller washing machines. The outdoor rug's light insulation is much more lightweight and has less total volume than an all-in-one rug with 300g or 400g filling.

The liner rug and neck can then be washed separately so that the washing programme can be adjusted to the level of dirtiness – another environmentally friendly feature. Flexible rug systems also offer the advantage that waterproofing treatments need only be reapplied to the outdoor rugs.


Clean your horse rug before storing, as the smell and sweat of horse will attract pests. Make sure that the rug is completely dry before storing. Avoid long storage in closed plastic bags, as residual moisture can stain the fabric.

Clothes moths avoid synthetic fibres in functional materials, but they love wool and cotton. If you store your product in the vicinity of wool and/or cotton items, place sufficient pest-repellent products like moth killer papers in and between the rug's parts to prevent pest infestation.



Your storage area must be inaccessible to mice, especially in winter. Mice seek warm cosy places and like to find them in horse rugs.